What job do you want to do? Which course is right for you? Where should you learn?

1. Education

  • Directgov has loads of information on courses, qualifications, colleges and finance
  • Hotcourses is the UK’s largest course finder with over a million courses and reviews
  • Colleges and London Colleges have all of the information you need when looking for a college
  • learndirect will help you get the essential qualifications you need in English, Maths and IT
  • BBC Learning has useful learning tips and links to more specific sites 

2. Training

  • Directgov also has excellent information on training and apprenticeships
  • For more information on apprenticeships, visit Apprenticeships

3. Volunteering

Improve your chances of getting the job you want with unpaid work experience.

  • vinspired connects 16-25 year olds with volunteering opportunities in England
  • Do-it makes volunteering easier

4. Work

Once you’re qualified and have perhaps trained or volunteered, what can you do to get the job you want? Start with these sites:

Contact a Connexions Direct Adviser for information, advice and support Prepare your CV

Search for vacancies on recruitment sites like

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